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Pitch deck, what to do & what not do.

For a startup that is looking to raise funds, Pitch Deck is one of the most important documents that it will create along with a detailed financial plan. So, what is this pitch deck? In a nutshell we can say that a pitch deck is the startups calling card for the investor.

07 Sep 2020

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Health tech VC’s perspective

Healthcare technologies or healthtech can be very easily defied as the cross section of healthcare and technology. It refers to any technology created/implemented for developing and improving the delivery, standards and procedures in the health vertical.

02 Sep 2020

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New Education Policy 2020, and its impact on Startups; VC Perspective

Government of India announced its New Education policy on 29th of July, 20. This is the first time in 34 years that a new system has been put in place with the aim of taking India forward and building the nation up as the knowledge centre of the world.

11 Aug 2020

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Agritech : A VC Perspective

Do you know why Israel, despite water shortage and arid and semi-arid geographic features have developed so rapidly?This miracle is due to innovation in agriculture, or the cross section of technology and agriculture called agritech.

11 Aug 2020

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Space tech: The new VC interest, their perspective, trends

Since the beginning of mankind, Space has always been the final frontier for us. Countless thinkers, innovators, founders, and philosophers have spent countless days looking towards the sky for imagination, inspiration, and innovation.

01 Jul 2020

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Impact of the Fiscal Stimulus on Startups

In our last post we had talked about the impact GOI’s fiscal stimulus “AtmaNirbhar Bharat”, we would continue with the same discussion and move on the next pedestal by assessing the impact of the fiscal stimulus on startups.

30 May 2020

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Impact of Fiscal stimulus on MSME sector going forward !

Over the last few days, the honorable Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman has made announcements regarding a massive fiscal stimulus to stimulate and stabilize the nation’s economy.

26 May 2020

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Chinese Investments in India going forward!

In our last post, we had put together a detailed summary of the regulatory changes in FDI from bordering nations. Now we would analyse and provide our 2 cents on the policy’s impact of Chinese Investments in the Indian startup ecosystem.

07 May 2020

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Impact of change in FDI policy (April 2020) on Startups

FDI Changes in April 2020, and their impact on Startups - Government has come with a decision to block the automatic route for approving FDI from China and other countries sharing land border with India. This has stunned many, including investors from across geographies.

29 Apr 2020

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Startups, Founders and teams during/ Post COVID 19 - Part II

In our previous blog on COVID 19, we had looked at the Investor side of the things during/ post COVID 19, we will now elaborate how founders are holding up and what should they do in these uncertain times.

18 Apr 2020

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Investors, VCs and Startups during/ Post COVID 19 - Part I

As days roll by, global pandemic induced by the novel coronavirus is getting more and more complex. The pandemic has exposed the mankind's shortcomings. On a positive side, it has showcased the potential of humans to come together during these testing times.

14 Apr 2020

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Venture Capital Outlook For 2020 A Qualitative Scenario Analysis

There is a new optimism and more positive disruption with the New Year 2020 in full swing, nearly couple of weeks have already passed and We hope that all of you guys are certainly sticking with your New Year resolutions.

15 Jan 2020

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